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Feb, 2016

We Love Our Runners!

Winter Blast 2016 is in the books!   

One of the things we love about races is the stories our runners carry with them. featured an inspiring story about longtime Winter Blast runner and Grandville resident Harold Plaisier, who at age 82, was the elder statesman of our race!  If you haven’t read his story  yet, you’ll want to do so.  It’s worth your time.

We ran into two sets of ladies this year that entered the race with their own interesting – and similar – stories.  Each group of ladies was on month two of a 12-races-in-12-months goal!  


Theresa Norman, Dawn Uhlenbrock, & Alice Duncan came to visit a friend in MI last weekend, looked for a race, and found us!  Winter Blast carries the distinction of being their first out of state race!  “It’s cold!” they observed, when asked about their first impressions of Michigan.  When told that had they come last week they would have encountered zero degree weather, they laughed and said, “When we left St. Louis, it was 70 degrees!”  


The other group of ladies running 12 races in 12 months was from Rockford – Kym, Katelyn, and Angie.  They completed a New Year’s Day run in January, ran Winter Blast, and were heading to the Irish Jig in March.  They set some individual goals to run half-marathons and even a 25K Riverbank Run!   Running has given them a chance to spend time together.

We also met Grandville resident Cameron and his two year old daughter Amelia. This was their first race together!  Cameron hasn’t had many opportunities to run in the last two years, but was excited to run this with Amelia in the stroller cheering him on. She gave us a thumbs up for the picture and he said she'd been cheering all morning in advance of the race! 

Our favorite part of the day is definitely the Kids Flurry 1k.  Kids are so excited to race and love getting a medal at the end!  Many of the XC runners from Calvin Christian High School who ran the 5K returned to the start line to run alongside and cheer on our youngest and most enthusiastic runners!  

A huge thanks to our runners, volunteers, and sponsors for an awesome race.  We’ll get race results posted on the website soon. 

In the meantime, sign up to get blog updates containing running tips, running stories, and updates on the runners the Winter Blast supports.  Connect with us on Twitter and tag us in any of your pictures – we’d love to see and hear about your race!