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Feb, 2016

What's Your Story?

by Laurens Tenkate

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Each runner has a story. 

For some, the story is about staying healthy.  For others, their story is about achieving goals.  Some people run to relieve stress.  Some people’s story is simply about loving to run! 

We love hearing the stories of the runners in the Winter Blast 5K, including that of Harold Plaisier, longtime Grandville resident and running afficianado interviewed last week and featured in an article. 

Harold’s running story includes among, other items, 17 marathons -- 7 of those being in the year he turned 70, 24 RiverBank Run 25Ks, several miles early in the week each week, and 5 or 6 miles each weekend!  “I just plain love running,” Harold is quoted as saying.   

We’re excited that Harold’s first race of 2016 is the Winter Blast 5K, and we’re going to be cheering him and all runners on next Saturday, Feb. 20!   If you catch a glimpse of him running through the streets of Grandville in the next week, be sure wish him well in the race. 

Harold’s story leaves us wondering … what’s YOUR story?